So what Android App do I use to monitor my Zyxel USG40?

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There are 10 Zyxel Apps. Nebula requires additional spending and a few others are for easy setup of this and that and other irrelevant things. Most are for other devices.

Let me guess, you need to license Nebula to do anything?


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    USG40 does not support to be monitored via App since it is not supported on Nebula cloud.
    You can consider USG FLEX series.
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    Thanks but no thanks.
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    Hello @SecCon

    You could try using a network manager system that supports SNMP and Syslog, and then have an Android App to access that.
         - section 44.11 of the user guide available at shows what I am suggesting.

    Paessler PRTG, see , allows you to set-up as network manager. PRTG then has an Android App to access the network manager. I have tried it and it works.
          - I use my VMG1312-B10D router as the SNMP Agent.
          - I have PRTG on my LAN on a PC as network manager and then login to that using the PRTG Android App.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,

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