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Hello Zyxel Community members,

Did you know that you can access the Zyxel Education Center from our Community page? By simply clicking the school icon on the right side of the web page, you can begin learning about networking!

Our Education Center provides multiple online training courses across different product lines, including APs, Switches, Security Gateways, and Cloud Management.

Each of our product line includes a variety of training courses that range from fundamental networking knowledge to basic functions and product operation. Complete our courses and become a Zyxel-certified engineer!

Introductory level courses: 

ZCNP – Foundation: This course introduces network structure and commonly used network protocols. Students gain a basic understanding of network communication that can be leveraged to study advanced functions in later courses.

ZCNP – WLAN/SWT/GW/Nebula: These courses provide a basic overview of each networking domain while introducing students to Zyxel products. You begin by learning about various networking standards across both wireless and Ethernet, as well as how to protect enterprise networks from external threats.

ZCNE Level 1 and Level 2: These courses include a detailed instruction to Zyxel products. Level 1 courses focus on basic configuration of products and commonly used functions. Level 2 courses introduce more complex application scenarios and accompanying functions. Through ZCNE, we utilize several real-life scenarios to teach students how to meet the full range of our customers’ product needs. Students learn to plan, design, deploy, and troubleshoot their network with Zyxel products.

* Please contact [[email protected]] to enroll ZCNE courses.

After completing the training course, you can take an online certification exam to evaluate your understanding of all course objectives. Students who pass the exam receive their exclusive Certificates and Community Points.

ZCNP > 5 Points
ZCNE Level 1 > 10 Points
ZCNE Level 2 > 15 Points

In addition to the above awards, Community members earn a Badge that will accompany each of their community posts. 

We highly recommend our students regularly review our materials for updates and retake exams to ensure their networking knowledge is up to date and knows those latest functions of Zyxel products. Additional community points will be awarded as they pass the exam again. 

Click the hyperlink below to start your learning journey. Gain more points to show your expertise in Zyxel Products!


  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 168  Master Member
    Can I use my Zyxel Community credential to access?
  • Zyxel_Richard
    Zyxel_Richard Posts: 36  Zyxel Employee
    mMontana said:
    Can I use my Zyxel Community credential to access?
    Please register a new account on Education Center with the same mail address (as Community), so that after you finish the course, the corresponding points and badge will be added to your Community Account.

    Best Regards,
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 168  Master Member
    ... really... not seamless. For a link integrated into the platform, into the platform advertised.
    Not seeming a different and unconnected.
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