WAX650S 3rd radio

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"WAX650S has a 3rd radio dedicated in scanning and monitor wireless environment. It reserves the main 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio focus on service and service only" source: latest WAX650S data sheet.

1) Can this third radio be used to detect rogue APs?
2) Is it used to speed up DCS?
3) When will this third radio be tied into USG Flex 500 AP Controllers?, Standalone? Nebula? (Currently the USG Flex 500 AP Controller only shows support for two radios and says "Rogue detection in AP mode is not supported", which implies separate APs are required and must be in monitor mode, if I understand it correctly.)

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Accepted Answer
    Hi @dkyeager

    1) We used the first and second radio to scan the rogue AP.
    2) The third radio is used to do zero-wait DCS/DFS. In the past,  the AP must stop the WiFi service and used its radio to scan the channel. 
    3) "Rogue AP detection setting" is avaible for the AP mode which has different mechanism with MON mode. AP in MON mode cannot provide WiFi service, but in AP mode it can provide WiFi service and also detect rogue AP.

    I think the wording should be modified as "When dual radios are configured as MON mode, Rogue AP detection Setting is not supported."

    For the 3rd radio of WAX650S, it is a hardware design. So far, we cannot apply any setting on it. The main purpose is using it to scan the DCS/DFS channel to avoid WiFi service down. Rogue AP Detection is supported when this function is on, and the WiFi service will not be impacted.