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What is Secure WiFi?

Secure WiFi subscription service gives customers the ability to create a “drop-in” Access Point that can be configured to replicate the SSID of your office and automatically create a secure tunnel, creating seamless accessibility to the corporate network. This simplifies the deployment by creating a plug-n-play option while maintaining a high level of control over the security of remote workplaces.

We are excited to invite all of our USG FLEX customers to have a 3-Month license to experience the enhanced support for remote working in an increased security environment.

How to get a 3-Month Secure WiFi license?

All USG FLEX devices registered before 6/30/2021 (UTC-12) is ELIGIBLE to receive the license, regardless of bundled/unbundled version of USG FLEX.

To activate 3-month Secure WiFi license, please refer to How to Activate 3-Month Secure WiFi License.

Summary of the Activity 

  1.  Promotion period: starts now until 6/30, 2021 (UTC-12)  
  2. Giveaway of the event: 3-Month Secure WiFi license and it’s a one-time offer.

  3. The 3-Month Secure WiFi is not transferable


Which ZyWALL gateway/AP is eligible for this event?

Supporting Gateway


Supporting Remote AP (RAP)

Secure WiFi license is required to enable RAP functionality. Remote AP supporting the secure tunnel to HQ gateway:

802.11ax  (WiFi 6): WAX650S/ WAX610D/ WAX510D

802.11ac Wave 2 (WiFi 5): WAC500/ WAC500H

Useful information:

How to Configure Secure WiFi to Secure the Wireless Environment?
How to Activate 3-Month Secure WiFi License
Deliver Corporate-level Network Security to Anywhere in the World
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