Is Possibile connect in a Second Tunnel VPN Fritz BOX from Home to USG60W

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i have already configuration with L2TP ipSEC working well
now i ask directly is possibile have second IPSEC for SITE TO SITE DYNAMIC peer
with a fritz box, exist any guide?

thank so much

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    You can try these setting On Fritz Box.

    (1) Pre-shared key

    (2) USG Public IP address.

    (3) IP subnet of USG.

    On USG VPN Gateway:

    (1) Entering correct Fritz Box public IP and Pre-Share Key.

    (2) Setup AES-256/ SHA1 as algorithm.


    On USG VPN Connection:

    (1) Select VPN Gateway you created.

    (2) Local Policy: Enter USG LAN IP subnet what you setup on Fritz Box setting.

    (3) Remote policy: Enter Fritz Box LAN IP subnet.

    (4) Setup AES-256 and SHA1 as algorithm.

  • Softplus
    Softplus Posts: 2
    Hello, thank you so much for you answer
    i try to do with a little file where is configuration upoload in format file .cfg
    in this case for a little time working well,
    but not have any opportunity to check with end customer, if the bridge is persistent or not

    great for your suggest
    best regards

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