GS1510-24: backups broken, editing VLANs crashes the switch

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I got this old switch a few days ago. Then it was possible to change VLANs and backup configuration multiple times.

Now, when I try to move a port from one VLAN to another, (an unused port!)

no matter if I first remove it from the old VLAN, or first add it to the new one, or change the PVID first or later,

as soon as I edit the VLAN's port list to remove the port, the switch immediately crashes.

Bug 1 - it crashes. It can still switch between some untagged ports (in the same VLAN where the edit crashed the switch), but no longer communicate over tagged ports. (according to my tests) This happens to be the management VLAN. I can no longer ping the switch or access its web interface. (Maybe the port list string is too long? "1-3,6-22,24" Keeping it the same length doesn't help)

The first time I needed to reset twice, subsequent times one reset is sufficient to start new and restore the settings.

Bug 2 (minor) - When I added a port to the other VLAN, all ports in that VLAN lost the PVID (it reverted to default)

Bug 3 - There is no longer a way to "backup" settings. Via squid, it's "The system returned: (111) Connection refused". Directly, it is "403 Forbidden
The requested URL '/GS1510_24.rom' resolves to a file which is marked executable but is not a CGI file; retrieving it is forbidden.
thttpd/2.25b 29dec2003".

Firmware is at 1.00... never got an update?

Am I overloading it? static IP, Jumbo frames on (but not in use), 3 VLANs + the default, 1 tagged port, EEE, RSTP, IGMP Snooping, Unknown Multicast = Flooding. SNTP and syslog server.

Is some of it too much, or triggering bugs?

Does it have a Y2038-like problem, only earlier? Firmware corruption? Does anyone use these and they work?


Edit, something else.
The firmware on the switch is:

 Firmware Version


 Built Date

  Thu Mar 24 09:32:47 CST 2011
The downloaded firmware is:
Archive:  GS1510-24_1.00(BVN.1)
 Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
       0  04-18-2011 15:37   V1.00(BVN.1)C0/
   43882  03-28-2011 13:48   V1.00(BVN.1)C0/100BVN1C0 Firmware Release Note.pdf
 4823996  03-16-2011 16:02   V1.00(BVN.1)C0/100BVN1C0.bin

What is the difference? The last downloaded firmware seems older.

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    In our experience, if the flash is malfunction when its write or read will cause device crash, it could be the hardware issue on this GS1510, I will suggest to have the replacement like GS1920-24.

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    I put my VLAN changes right into the configuration file. The switch rebooted, but did not crash. This way I can circumvent the bug(s). However, I can make almost no other changes that way. Or is there some kind of command line reference for this?