ATP-100 - content filter doesn't work on some sites especially in Chrome

I want to filter out games websites due to kids surfing habits. Most of them work nice and are filtered correctly.
But the most visited gaming site works just fine in Chrome (like no filter was working), but doesn't work as initially wanted in Edge or Firefox (refused/rejected error). When manually adding the site to the "forbidden sites" in the ATP 100, I get an error message:
" is IPv6 subnet in CIDR format error."

How can I handle this problem?

Best regards from Austria/Europe,


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    Hi @Kuckuck0815  

    You can enter “” into “Forbidden Web Sites” setting in Content Filter setting.

    The error message is come from your format is incorrect. 

    Please also make sure HTTPS Domain Filter for HTTPS traffic is enabled.

    It could help to check domain name in HTTPS required.

    And also try to flush your browser cache prevent test result is affected.

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