Not sure if Router is causing the issue

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Hi all. I have recently moved business ISP on Monday 24 June and new has provided an Zyxel VMG1312-T20b router.   We run a DT Module program that connects 2 ipads in the program to the Laptop on the same network.  Initially this was working fine, but last couple of days has been a bit temperamental and today the ipads would not connect at all to the program but are connected to the internet.  Nothing on the program has changed so am wondering if something in the router settings is starting to block this from working?  Tried a full reset and we managed to eventually get a quick connection which then collapsed with the following error as per screen shot which says was disconnected by KeepAlive.  So not sure if this is a router error causing this or a program error?  Thought i would ask here first as cannot get hold of program developer until the weekend.  Thanks for taking a look.

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    Not familiar with the "DT module" you mentioned, but it is scared that the screen shows "BankRobbery".....
    Maybe you can share what kind of the protocol/traffic that "DT module" runs, then we can understand more.
    I would suggest you move your IPADs to other router/network to check if the "DT module" works, then you can firstly know the problem comes from the router/network or the "DT module" itself.
    Then see what we can do next.