High CPU load for switches GS1900-24E

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Good day.
I' m newbie in Zyxel products and switch configuring. Hope that answer on my question is near, but I can' t find it without help.

So, I have to identical switches GS1900-24E, they has fresh firmware - V2.40(AAHK.1)_20180705 | 07/05/2018

My problem is that both switches permanently has high CPU load about 100%

Also web-interface works very slowly.
There are no any VoIP used in network, no custom VLANs, no loops and errors in syslog

only unclear, that often ports go in "down" mode for few seconds and than return in "up"  mode.
Also I trued ti connect by SSH to investigate issue deeper, but also have no luck with unclear error.

Both switch are in production mode.

Can anybody describe me what is reason of this high CPU load and I can fix this issue?

Best regards.

To moderators.
Dear friends, this is my first topic in given forum. If I made mistake and wrongly selected place with given topic, please do not remove it, just move to right place. I really need help to fix given issue.

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    Try updating the firmware to V2.60(AAHK.3) | 01/05/2021