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Hi I have a USG 100. PWR light on, flashing green SYS light. No connectivity except on WAN port 1. Link light. Not able to access anything with (I guess that's on lan side anyway). but no way to get connectivity on LAN ports. No serial cable available. Any ideas please? Thanks so much.


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    Have you pressed the reset button after issue occur?
    To analyze this case, the console cable is still required to do firmware recovery.
    If possible, we suggest you to do firmware recovery by following the SOP which is mentioned in the release note page 61. 
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    JohnRouter, have you tried doing a hard reset with the reset button ?

    Is it only the LAN ports that do not work, any lights when you hook up a computer to it ?

    Also you could have a flaky AC DC adapter. Not that common but could happen ?

    I know I was concerned with how HOT to the touch the ethernet chip gets when the firewall is running so I used adhesive glue to add a heat sink to them two larger SOC inside the unit. But that is just me, not to happy when chips run crazy hot.

    Happy that the passive cooling on the new lineup, USG40 and USG60 was much improved, did not need to do anything to my USG60.

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