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we have an issue with out Zyxel USG110 trying to connect a remote host over a VPN configured with VTI/BGP, so there is no need for static routes.
In this scenario, we cannot get the Zyxel contact the remote Domain Controller (Ping fails). 
The solutions suggeted in other old post (static route to remote host) is not viable because of BGP (it does work for remot ehost over a "classic" VPN, with no VTI nor BGP).

The remote networks work, the issue is related to Zyxel only.

how can be Zyxel configured in order to contact succesfully remote host over such a VTI/BGP VPN scenario?

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  • Blabababa
    Blabababa Posts: 116  Ally Member
    So the VPN connection is up or even you can't bring up the VPN tunnel? What's the topology of your network? Is there any ISAKMP/IPSec...etc related error log showing on the USG110 log
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