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Good afternoon, I ran into a problem:
There is a Remote Office with ATP, it has a built-in connection with the main one via VTI, local subnets see each other, everything is ok. With ATP, the remote network pings too, but when you try to make a trace from ATP to the remote one, it turns out (screenshot)
Because of this, there is a problem with adding the gateway to the domain, and when checking, it writes an error
Failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain **** - {Operation Failed} The requested operation was unsuccessful.
/ usr / sbin / winbindd -s /var/zyxel//ZyXELad.conf
Please tell me how you can decide, I would be very grateful. Thank you

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @nikita92  

    I’m not sure what routing rules you configured on your ATP site.

    But you can only left static route on your ATP site.

    This rule should able route client IP traffic to main site and also handle ATP itself traffic to peer site.


    Then there is no problem traceroute to peer site server.

    For join ATP to your domain. You can check:

    (1) Your host name and domain name

    (2) DNS setting: the DNS IP of your domain or AD server IP address.

    (3) You AD NetBIOS and AD Authentication setting.

    (4) If you would like to authenticate with main site AD server. Then you also need configure Auth. Method setting.

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