Connecting NWA5123-AC-HD to NXC2500

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I am  having trouble connecting a brand new NWA5123-AC-HD to our NXC2500.

What happens is, is :

- Connect the NWA5123-AC-HD to our wifi lan
- NXC2500 sees it, gives it an IP Address
- Then it goes "offline" shortly after (according to the NXC2500)
- If I go directly to the IP Address of the NWA5123-AC-HD I can see its interface, I can login , meaning its connected correctly.

I have updated the firmware on the NWA5123-AC-HD and the NXC2500,

Am I missing somewhere here, does the NWA5123-AC-HD need to be told its managed by a controller, not standalone or cloud?

I have factory reset the NWA5123-AC-HD several times also, to no avail.

Our existing NWA5123-ACs we just plugged in and manage on the NXC2500.

Thanks, Daniel

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  • danielson81
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    Edit - Rebooting the NXC2500 solved it! :s
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    Hi @danielson81


    Because AP is enabled “discover controller” in default configuration, AP probes controller per minute and will transit to managed mode once it finds out the controller so you don’t miss any settings.


    If you configure the Firmware Updating type as Auto, when the AP is managed it will be offline to do fw upgrade and you’ll wait a period for the process.


    Feel free to let us know if you still have any problems.

    Thank you