Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution Protects Hotelier’s Network Investment

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Hotel Breeze Amsterdam

“Zyxel’s Nebula is giving us the tools to make sure our clients can really focus on their guests instead of on their ICT Networks. Nebula will give our clients full visibility on their networks and will give us access to monitor and troubleshoot whenever necessary.”

Sjors Brul, Managing Director SBIT Hospitality Services&Automatiseringsdiensten

SBIT helps hoteliers deploy IPTV services to enhance guests’ viewing experiences. However, lack of visibility over channel usage prevents the hotel managers from effectively managing investment into channels that guests are really interested in.
SBIT adopts Zyxel’s Nebula solution which helps the hotel effectively optimize the IPTV network and provides detailed visibility and statistics of guest usage with machine learning technology. The hotel doesn’t need to pay for channels which go unwatched. This is a good example for hoteliers who want to provide innovative services and achieve optimal operational efficiency while still remaining within budget.

• Built an easy-to-use remote management system.
• Ensured efficient management of IPTV channels and traffic monitoring.
• Lacked visibility over channel usage to manage investment, and stable ICT service quality from SI partners.

• Set up the IPTV network at once with well-designed GUI without having to log into each switch separately.
• Enable all switch and port setting at once through cloud portal.
• Efficient program investment and management.
• Able to automatically prompt and recover during abnormal events.

Product used:
Nebula Control Center (NCC)
Nebula Switch
Nebula Security Gateway

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