ATP200 WAN failover not failing back

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I have setup a wan failover using the same settings as Zyxel_Emily in
My issue is the failover isn't failing back and I also have some data spilling on to the failover WAN when both are up and running.  In this case the failover is a 4G router s not the best speeds.

Is there something else I should look at to fix this?

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    Hi @Mear

    Please check if all the configurations are complete.
    1. Go to CONFIGURATION > Network > Interface > Trunk. Ensure the cellular interface is Passive, and the default trunk is correct. Also enable "Disconnect Connections Before falling Back" which will terminate all the con-current sessions on the cellular interface immediately when it falls back to active interface .

    2. Go to Network > Interface > Ethernet > wan1 to enable connectivity check with valid IP address. Set small values to trigger failover more quickly. 

    3. Go to Network > Routing to ensure there is no rule which will affect the routing.

    If it still does not help, please provide your configuration to me via private message. I will have a look for it.


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