After boot traffic from outside does not work

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I'm out of ideas how to diagnose this.
We had a power outtage for 2 hous and everyting had to shut down. I have 2 server, one for web and another for databases. Wall is USG20-VPN

Network is separated into Lan1 and Lan2, business and private.
Databases and web services are up (Lan2) and working fine from Lan1.
Internet is working fine from both networks.

When accessing from outside log says

..and no connection for db or web server.

Nothing was changed.. just shutdown and traffic stopped. Services have been working for quite some time without any problems.

I have tried for creating p2p rule for remote client allowing everything, no change. Some posting adviced to create outward rule allowing all but no change.

Some advice needed..?

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    Hi @Pekka


    Could you share your topology with us ?

    What is the firmware you're currently using?

    If the firmware is not the latest firmware, please update to the latest firmware.

    After upgrade to the latest firmware, if the symptom still exist, please provide us the packet capture on the wan and lan interface when trying to access the internal server from outside network.

    To collect the packet on the device, you can go to "Maintenance" > Diagnostics > Packet Capture to collect the interface packet.

    If you have any concern to share the information in the post, you can private message to us.

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