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We use different AppPatrol rules depending of the time of the day. We noticed that AppPatrol was not applying the rules following the defined schedule.

I did some test trying to change AppPatrol rules on the fly and it is not applied on the traffic. It was applied when after rebooting the router. But we cannot reboot the router each time we want to change AppPatrol rule.

Routers impacted : USG40w
Firemware 4.62
AppPatrol signature version :

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  • IT_Field_Support
    IT_Field_Support Posts: 96  Ally Member
    How can we monitor app patrol ?
  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @IT_Field_Support,

    Could you share your configuration file with me in private message? I'd like to check the settings of App Patrol rules and schedules.

    Please also indicate which rule doesn’t work with the defined schedule.

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