[Release note] USG FLEX 5.00 patch 2 E1

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Zyxel USG FLEX Series
Release Note
June, 2021

Firmware Version on all models

USG FLEX 100             - V5.00(ABUH.2)E1
USG FLEX 100W          - V5.00(ABWC.2)E1
USG FLEX 200             - V5.00(ABUI.2)E1
USG FLEX 500             - V5.00(ABUJ.2)E1
USG FLEX 700             - V5.00(ABWD.2)E1


   1. Optimize the client usage monitor performance

   2. Support USG FLEX 100W built-in Wi-Fi

   3. Support SIP ALG setting

Bug Fix

  1. [eITS#210500387] Symptom: USG FLEX cannot establish VPN connection will show phase2 local policy mismatch log.
  2. [eITS#210401279] Symptom: Configure NAT(Virtual server or 1:1NAT) rule will show unknown user with public IP address on client monitor page.

  3. [eITS#210500394] Symptom: Client monitor page will show duplicate client.