Zyxel Delivers Fail-Safe, Low-Cost Network to Swiss Indoor Skydiving Center

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When wind tunnel Windwerk was founded to allow local Swiss to skydive indoors, safety was priority No. 1. That first meant getting German-engineered equipment for the 17-meter-high tunnel, which blasts winds at speeds of up to 280 kph. Then there was the network controlling the wind tunnel’s operations as well as the facility’s customer service needs. With these high stakes, there could be no room for an outage: Windwerk demanded a network with ultra-high reliability. Here’s how we delivered.


  • Deploy from scratch a fail-safe network with abundant redundancies
  • Ensure stable network connectivity of existing infrastructure from different providers
  • Implement infrastructure within affordable budget


  • A unified, fail-safe network provides extreme reliability, with two fiber optic and one LTE connections, and four switches
  • Preconfigured backup switches can be launched without need for technical expertise
  • High-speed network connectivity ensures a smooth online booking experience
  • Effective network monitoring quickly detects any Internet connection or hardware failures

Product Used

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