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I have a VPN100 with Firmware V10.01(ABFV.1) / 2018-10-23 10:02:34.

Now I get Emails from Zyxel about security problems and advice to update the firmware.
- The web interface recommends 5.01(ABFV.0).
- myzyxel.com says: Your Firmware 10.01(ABFV.1) is up-to-date
- In the security bulletin a version 10.02 is listed (if I use SD-WAN):

Is it possible to update from 10.01 to 5.01 without loosing configuration?
Where can I find out, if I use SD-WAN mode?

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    The VPN series when by a number of versions likely due the missing features and now given its version 5.xx.

    You should be able to upgrade to 5.01 but before you do backup your config.

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    Hi @AGH,
    The security advice is for on-premise devices.

    If your VPN100 is already on cloud as SD-WAN mode, it is not affected by security risk. SD-WAN doesn't push 5.01 notification to on cloud devices. The latest on cloud version is 10.04.
    If VPN100 is on premise mode (standalone mode), we suggest you upgrade VPN100 to this mitigation firmware 5.01 which actively guides users to follow general security best practices to reduce the attack surface.

    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52

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