cannot put NVM1123-AC-Pro in "Management Mode" to manage with USG110

I have a Zyxel NVM1123-AC-Pro Access Point with the latest firmware v6.20 (ABHD.0) and a Zyxel USG110 with latest firmware v4.64 (AAPH.0).

But I'm unable to put the AP into "Management Mode". In older documentation/screenshots one has to under configuration > network > Management Mode either "Standalone" or "Managed AP". But i do not have these option in my web gui.

the documentation also states, one has to ensure the AP is in the same subnet as the APC, which I did:
Port 6 on USG110 assigned to LAN2 with IP subnet mask and the NVM1123 to 168.3.200. additionally I've activated in the advanced settings under "extended option" CAPWAP for IP-Address

But my USG110 still does not discovery the AP and the AP is still in standalone mode.

So, why is this "Managed AP" option missing (see all other screenshots) and how do I put my NVM1123 into "Managed Mode"?

thank you & stay save!

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  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @SiSZyxel,
    The NWA1123-AC PRO supports only standalone or cloud mode. So, it can't be managed by the USG110. Please consider to use Nebula if you want to manage the APs via a control center. Thanks.

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  • SiSZyComm
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    Dear Freda

    Thank you for your quick response - much appreciated!

    Well that's unfortunate, as I asked the reseller especially for this feature in liason with an USG110.