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I am currently running Firmware version 4.62 on my Zywall 110. When I upgraded I did a "cold restart". Now I'd like to install version 4.64 on my second bootsystem that is currently in Standby and with version V4.39(AAAA.0).

Do I need to do a cold restart again to to re-boot the system from that version?

As the firewall 
is not physically where I'm at but only being operated remotely I'd like to know.

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    You can cold restart your ZyWALL110 on running partition to make sure your current conf without any error setting. If without problem your ZyWALL110 could boot up success.

    Then click cloud icon on standby partition, after confirming "reboot" in pop out message It will start to download firmware and reboot on new partition.(conf will be the same as current partition)
    In the usual, there is no apply fail issue in upgrading case.

    But upgrade firmware remotely still doesn't recommend.....
  • JohanE
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    Thank's for the information but what do you mean by NOT upgrading firmware remotely?

    Is the best practice to download it on a computer and then to upload it to the Firewall or to let the Firewall do the download by itself?
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    Almost case there is no problem to upgrade firmware remotely....but you can't prevent unexpected problems. At less there is someone standby for cold restart in upgrade fail case.
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    I did not managed any Zywall 110, but I remotely upgrade several times USG60, USG60W, USG40, USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN.
    The only issue i encountered was related to a misconfiguration i did (wrong name for a group) which lead to a "loss" of the last edits on the configuration.
    Also... if you use a WK firmware, the upgrade is... a bit tougher. In my experience, you have to switch back to a previous version of the software, then upgrade the WK-containing partition to the latest version.

    You feel safer to be in site? I can't argue with that. But by firewall perspective, if you're using a remote access tool (Supremo, Iperius Remote, NoMachine, Parsec, wathever), it's all the same thing.
    Also... maybe it's the time to have "temporary Admin user" to not give "full power" to the people on site.

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