Zyxel USG 110 slow exclude with AntiSpam filter...

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Hello everyone. I have a USG 110 security device and this is data:

Model: ZyWALL 110
My Internet speed is: 80Mbit/s (totally tested with file downloads)

With new FW i have saw vey slow worked exclude traffic with SpamFilter only. This is so strange, because inside AntiSpam filter i had disable all settings for testing it. For example, you'll try download file like Ubuntu...iso from near morror and using yandex browser or download master does not matter... The downloading is starting and momentally slow down about 40-70KBps, then stop to 0 speed and waiting 1-5 minutes, then starting and downloading normally... When i am drop out AntiSpam filter from excluding Internet rule, all going well, all speed correctly and good...

No any other rules or BWM or Antivirus or any other filter not applyed to main Internet rule.

Anybody, please help for this situation and try test it and tell me result. So thx!


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