Why are there LAN ports and SFP Ports with same port number?

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For example in an 8 port switch,
There are SFP ports and lan ports labelled 9 and 10.

Why are these 2 ports so "special"?

Can these 2 ports be used to plug in AP?

What happens if I want to configure sfp port 9 in a certain way but lan port 9 in another way?

For example, I want port 9 sfp port as uplink and port 9 lan port as AP.

Please advice.

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    Hi @businessuer,

    The ports that you are referring to, is called the "Gigabit Combo" ports which are LAN & Fiber.
    For more detail, you may refer to our datasheet for the specific model.
    Example: GS1920v2

    I would like to inform that combo ports doesn't support PoE, so the AP won't be able to power up.
    And if there are two end devices connected to combo port at the same time, only the fiber one will link up. In brief, fiber port has a higher priority.

    Why are these 2 ports so "special"?
    Combo port was designed for uplink usage.
    You may use the copper port if the uplink device is in the same rack, and the fiber port if the uplink device is far away.

    Hope it helps.