Interface Port Grouping of NSG50, NSG100 and NSG200

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This post will introduce how to configure port grouping on NSG.
This post will take NSG100's GUI on NCC as an example, the configuration concept can also be applied to NSG50 and NSG200.
If your model is NSG300, please refer to this post.
The user can assign the physical LAN port to the port group.

In the picture above, it means port 3 and 4 are in port group 1, and port 5 and 6 in port group 2.

For interface, LAN1 interface is port group 1 and LAN2 interface is port group 2 by default.
When creating/configuring VLAN interface, please make sure it is select to the correct port group.

In conclusion, the picture below means the untagged(VLAN 10 tagged) traffic from port 3 or 4 will be in LAN1(VLAN 10) and the untagged traffic from port 5 or 6 will be in LAN2.