ATP700 - l2tp with ldap authentication for user with two factor authentication in azure

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i've configured l2tp connection through ldap authentication in MS Azure. It works fine if users in MS Azure have single authentication. 

However i have in MS Azure users that use two factor authentiction. If i try to connect with my l2tp connection, in ATP700 logs is written "access denied". And in access log of MS Azure, it is written that user cannot login with single authentication. Two factor authentication required.

How can i solve this problem? I need ATP700 authenticate with l2tp with two factor authentication i suppose...

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    Hi @Antares3000

    The authentication fail reason is because AD server replied “access deny”.

    It means configuration is defined by Azure Server.

    You may refer to trusted IP part in  Configure Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication settings.

    You can add WAN IP address of your ZyWALL into trusted IP list.

    If it still doesn’t work, you may contact with Azure support for this kind of scenario.

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