Nepal’s Insurance Company Secures Valuable Customer Information with Zyxel Security Solution

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Himalayan General Insurance

One of Nepal’s leading insurance companies, Himalayan General Insurance is known for embracing the latest technology to provide top-of-the-class services to its customers and value to its shareholders. Being in the insurance industry, the company is conscious of the highly sensitive nature of the data that it handles. Protecting this data is extremely important to ensuring customer confidence. As cyberattacks are becoming more and more common, the company decided to upgrade its network security solutions. Zyxel USG110 UTM Firewall was adopted to provide comprehensive anti-virus, anti-spam, and filtering services. To securely and effectively connect their 33 branches, the company adopted SecuExtender’s IPSec VPN Client that helps remote employees create VPN connections easily. The Himalayan General Insurance company now ensures maximum protection 24/7, no matter whether it’s at the headquarter or the branches. Also, the ease of operation makes network security management a breeze. Last but not least, the client is satisfied with Zyxel Networks because of their strong customer support and ability to solve their problem responsively and efficiently.

• Strengthen the company’s network system to prevent cyberattacks
• Protect against harmful malware that hackers could use to gain access to the network
• Build secure remote access when connecting to 33 branch offices

• Extensive protection and effective control of the web applications with advanced anti-malware solutions
• Robust content filtering increases detection rates and manages network security better
• Easy remote network management between the headquarters and branches

Product Used
USG110 UTM Firewall 

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