Hungarian Engineer Helps Kenyan Orphanage Get Connected with Zyxel LTE Solution

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An engineer at a multinational telecom was looking for ways to use his technical expertise to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. When he learned of a charitable opportunity at an orphanage near Nairobi, Kenya, he jumped at the chance to help. The orphanage, which is supported by the Taita Foundation of Hungary, had been trying to find a way to improve the quality and reliability of its wireless access. With help from a subsidiary of his company, he oversaw the area’s upgrade to a 3G mobile network. Zyxel then donated a new 4G LTE-A Outdoor Router, which gave the orphanage high-speed, stable internet. Now, the children can access learning resources, stay in touch with friends and supporters, and receive vital telemedicine services. It’s one of the many ways Zyxel is using its cutting-edge resources to advance global philanthropy.


  • Challenging environment requiring remote deployment and management
  • Need for dependable and stable performance
  • No on-location IT skills


  • Orphanage now has consistent, reliable WiFi access for mobile devices
  • Children can access online learning resources and communicate with their supporters and the Taita Foundation in Hungary
  • Connects the orphanage to the outside world and gives them access to additional resources, such as online videos and music – there are also plans to use the service for telemedicine

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