USG60w - No power or sys light but seems to working, although....

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I have a client with a Zyxel USG60w which has started behaving oddly over the last month. First, it loses its PPPOE connection. This has happened 3 times in the last month, always on a Friday. We have replaced the modem but no improvement. The only way to restore the service is by factory resetting the USG60w and restoring the configuration.
The only other oddity is that the power light and the sys light are not illuminated anymore.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @elkrust
    If this symptom just happens suddenly (didn't happen before) and regularly, it could be that the ISP is forcing you to change IP or something and terminally the pope connection from BRAS site. If you already have the pattern/ timeframe that the PPPoE will disconnect, perhaps you can collect the pppoe packets and analyze what's going on there. 

    If  the sys light/power led is not lighten, you can try to connect it to a switch and cross check if it is never turned on, if so, it is probably HW related problem and you may need to RMA it.

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