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mrwee Posts: 37  Freshman Member

Is it possible by using my USG110 to redirect a LAN device which communicates to an external IP address on TCP port 1884 to an internal IP address instead? Perhaps even also on another port? I cannot change anything on the device, but perhaps the USG can do it?

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  • MJStar
    MJStar Posts: 29  Freshman Member
    Maybe you can set a NAT port forwarding rule on your USG110.  Setting the external IP to your LAN device and Setting the Internal IP to the IP which you would like to redirect.

  • jonatan
    jonatan Posts: 104  Ally Member
    Available redirect feature

  • mrwee
    mrwee Posts: 37  Freshman Member
    Thx Guys. I think I'll try the NAT approach, since the redirect function only support HTTP / SMTP (for some reason)

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