Leading Belarus Medical Center Creates Failure-proof and High-efficiency Network Across Branches

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LODE faced with poor fault tolerance and scalability of its network infrastructure. The existing network infrastructure was unstable and suffered from a low network speed of only 100Mb/s. The company's management decided to completely modernize the network to support ongoing development. Dmitry Bezyma, head of the IT department indicated that the new system should be scalable and provide high throughput as well as have high fault tolerance. The company's new system was constructed with Zyxel security gateways, VPN firewalls, smart managed network switches and access points, ensuring network scaling and stability. The security gateways and firewalls feature high-efficiency VPN tunnel and load balance/failover technologies, ensuring strong VPN reliability and security for business. The company also adopted 4G LTE Indoor Routers as backup in case main connectivity failed. The whole project took three weeks and was implemented by two people. The company was happy with the easy installation and professional service from Zyxel Networks. The new solution made it easy to connect to a new branch at higher speeds and provide smooth WiFi to multiple devices with low latency. For example, it only took two seconds to transfer 20GB data to the storage system.


  • The existing infrastructure was not scalable and suffered IP address pool shortage
  • The equipment was unstable with frequent failures and not centrally managed
  • To renovate outdated network with low speed of 100Mbps and increase its bandwidth


  • Reliable and scalable network infrastructure that can support its growing demands
  • Centralized network management and redundant system structure to ensure continuous operation and responsive failure recovery
  • Enhanced bandwidth to ensure high-speed and smooth data transfer
  • Best price-quality ratio along with responsive professional IT supports

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