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Dear Community,

I am currently building up my first homenetwork. I am a student and I am pretty new to all these topics. At the moment I am at the point where I want to have local DNS for the services i only use in my private network. For example nginx reverse proxy manager, I dont want the Webinterface to be reachable from outside lan but i still want to use a Domain to access its server for example npm.example.home.

Is a local DNS like with PIhole possible where you can just create local dns records only using my USG20? And if yes how can i configure this correctly?

I already played around and used google and at the moment I am able to ping my the server where the nginx proxy manager is hosted with npm.bindos.home but if i do a nslookup it cant resolve the domain.
I achieved this by giving my USG20 the Domain Name "bindos.home" and createing a
Address/PTR Record with npm.bindos.home pointing to the IP of the server.

Is this the right approach? What am I doing wrong?

Edit: What I also wanted to ask: I also tried to use one of my tlds for local dns. Lets call my tld zyxcel.gg for this example. I did this because i wanted to use my signed ssl certificate for lan dns. I did the setup (domain name and records) like the bindos.home setup but so I am not even able to ping npm.zyxcel.gg.
Is it possible to use a tld for local dns?

Thanks in advance.


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    You can create local DNS A/PTR record in "CONFIGURATION > System > DNS".
    For domain bindos.home, you also need to create a DNS A record for domain resolve.
    The following example for your reference.

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