USG110 - Power Supply Failure causes to changed Log Settings!

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Hi Charlie,
For your information: Today we've got a problem with one of our power supply distributor bank which causes to different power losts at the USG during short time. After replacing the power distributor and rebooting of the USG, it sends alert logs about all blocked webpages (UTM Filter). Checking the log settings (system log) turned out that ALL alert checkboxes in table "Active Log and Akerts" have been activated and we have to disable them now again.
Hope that any other settings are not affected? Will make further checks, but the confidence to the product is decreased a little bit more. :#



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    Yesterday we've got a planned lost of power supply, where the USG was powered down and rebooted appr. one hour later. All works fine, except the a.m. change of log settings. This change of log settings, where ALL alert checkboxes have been automatically re-activated, appears again!

    This cause to a high amount of warning e-mails. It seems the forgetting of log settings is a bug.

    Our current USG110 firmware reads: V4.30(AAPH.1)ITS-WK51-2018-01-15-180100361

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    Hi @USG_User,
    The issue has been fixed. i will send you firmware download link via private message.

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    Thanks Cooldia, we will update our firmware at the next opportunity when our production system is not in use.

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