Zywall 1100 shutdown with overheat message

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I have a Zywall 1100 at my datacenter with very controlled temperature. All fans are blowing. Suddenly I had several thermal shutdowns this week with no changes except firmware 4.65 installed. After removing all ethernet connections and using another ATP unit. The Zywall 1100 is staying up although no ethernet port connected.
Anyone have a clue ??

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  • mMontana
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    ChrisK said:
    I have a Zywall 1100 at my datacenter with very controlled temperature.
    Hi, would you please share the temperature that you know is into the rack?

  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Use the following commands to get information about the temperature of the processor (CPU) and the system board (System Board). Values are presented in degrees Celsius.
    Router> debug hardware
    Router (debug hardware) # fan-get

    Here is the suggested temperature of operating environment for your reference 

  • ChrisK
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    Thank you Z_Emily . here is current stats
    Router# debug hardware
    Router(debug hardware)# fan-get
    Sensor[0]:73 degree
    Sensor[1]:36 degree
    Sensor[2]:65 degree
    FAN[0]:1058 RPM
    FAN[1]:8896 RPM
    FAN[2]:8766 RPM
    FAN[3]:8823 RPM
    Router(debug hardware)#
    Maybe Fan0 has an issue. Still don't understand thermal errors.
    The datacenter has a hot zone back and a cool zone front.
    the hot zone is typicaly mid 80's F / Cool zone is 70ish or better.

  • Zyxel_Emily
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    If the system halted/shutdown because of overheat, the SYS LED will turn Red.
    If your ZyWALL 1100 is still online, connect console and follow the video to keep collecting console logs.
    If the device halted again because of overheat, monitor the status of SYS LED and send the console logs to me in private message.

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