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Show your networking skills and get awards!

From now to August 31, 2021 (UTC-12), we want to thank the members who have contributed their knowledge on answering questions, we will be giving the top 3 members who have received the most “Accepted Answer” $50 Amazon gift cards!

We will also give the 3 members who gave out “Accepted Answer” $25 Amazon gift card to thank them for giving positive feedbacks and making it easier for other members to find solutions.

Do not forget to give positive feedback when you received a solution to your question, give positive feedback to the author by clicking “Yes”!  


What are the rules?

  • Top 3 most helpful member:

Answer the questions which are created from August 1, 2021 (UTC-12) to JAugust 31, 2021 (UTC-12) and the answer must be tagged with Accepted Answer.

  • Top 3 most active members:

1.      Ask questions from August 1, 2021 (UTC-12) to August 31, 2021 (UTC-12)

2.      Accept the comments that answer your questions

Additional notice:

Zyxel community administrators will review answers, and reserve rights to make final decision and remove Accepted Answer from the comments. 

Useful Information:

Please provide positive feedback to our members!
Zyxel Community Guidelines


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