NWA5123-AC Alternative with NXC2500

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We use the NWA5123-AC with the NXC2500 Controller. I understand the AP's are EOL very soon ?? 
Which new AP can I buy which will work with the NXC2500 ? Thank You

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    For the AP Models that can be managed by AP Controller (including NXC2500), you can check the "Extreme" and "Advanced" category in our AP product page.  (https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/smb-wlan_aps_and_controllers.shtml?t=c)

    For the same segment as NWA5123-AC, I'd recommend WAC500, where we enhance the Wi-Fi chip and the AP will supports more advanced standard (11ac wave2) and will provide better experience when you have more than 1 device using Wi-Fi. 

    I also recommend the other mode WAX510D, which supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, so not only it's throughput goes higher(600 Mbps more in the aggregate throughput), but also the entire transmission performance (service range, capacity, throughput when multiple devices connection...) is better than WAC500 due to the new technologies in Wi-Fi 6. Since you'd plan to upgrade the Access Point, this model will be a good choice for you.

    When you're about the manage those APs on the NXC2500, please access the controller's Page [Configuration > Wireless > AP Management > Firmware] and click check and apply (NXC2500 should have the Internet connection at this stage). So that the controller will upgrade its managed table and can recognize/manage those Access Points.

    Welcome to leave your comments/ideas/questions below if you need further introduction in other APs, we'd be glad to help you :) 

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