Zyxel VLANs not passing through

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(images attached for reference)

I am trying to configure a Zyxel to recieve/pass VLANs and it is not working.

All VLANs needed are declared.
Trunk port is #24, so all VLANs on that port ar TAGGED.
UNTAGGED VLANs are set-up as needed.

The trunk port does not comunicate with the next switch, VLANs are not passing through no matter is I tag or untag them on the trunk port.

I have tried communicating it with: HP switch, Ubiquity switch, Huawei switch and the main Mikrotik router on their trunks and nothing works. Even an untagged port does not communicate with another untagged port of any other switch.

All other switches and router have no issues passing VLANs between their trunks.

Another odd issue is when changing the management VLAN on the Zyxel, I absolutely loose communication with the device, it will only work with VLAN1 as the management interface. It does not matter if I connect un an untagged port of the VLAN I declared as the new management.

Is there some special VLAN non-standard configuration needed on Zyxel that I am unaware of? 

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    As a side comment: I have updated the switch to the latest fw (V2.60(ABTP.4) | 05/24/2021) and the issue persists.

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    Hi @wolkenrgh,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    From your description, I summarize your current VLAN settings on ports with text:
    Port 1-10        : VLAN 108, Untagged
    Port 13            : VLAN 1, Untagged
    Port 14, 21-22: VLAN 99, Untagged
    Port 15            : VLAN 100, Untagged
    Port 24            : VLAN 1, 96, 99, 100, 108, Tagged
    You configure the ports with untagged, so I assume those ports are connecting to an end device which doesn't recognize VLAN tag.
    Port 24 is configured as tagged for all VLANs, so I assume it is the uplink port of GS1900-24HP.
    For those untagged ports, you will need to configure corresponding PVID. Ex: Port 1-10 is PVID 108.

    BTW, I notice that VLAN 96 is only fixed on the uplink port 24, may I know if there is any special purpose?

  • Hi,

    So, if I understand correctly: besides configuring the forbidden/excluded/tag/untag on the "Vlan Port" tab, I must also go to the "Port" tab and change the PVID to the vlan I with to be untag on the port? (as image below)

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    Hi @wolkenrgh,

    Yes, Switch uses PVID to assign VLAN for the incoming untagged traffic.

    Hope it helps.