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I am setting up a guest network with a more restrictive DNS, cloudflare family. I only see an option to set the DNS for the entire network and not each individual SSID.  I do not need this filtering on the other SSID. 

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    Hi Customer, 

    Although we can't assign dedicated DNS server for each SSID (since the DNS information usually comes from the DHCP Server),  there's other approaches to fulfill your requirements.

    1. You can create another VLAN Subnet for guest users, and set the dedicated DNS Server under the Gateway Interface > DHCP Setting.

    (If multiple DNS serve needs to be set, you can fill in the IP address in the Second/Third column below)

    2. Set the VLAN ID on the Guest SSID

    3. Complete the switch settings to allow VLAN traffic between AP and Gateway.

    By separating guest and other users into different VLANs, we can not only isolate the traffic between guest and normal users, but also further restrict the guest user's traffic through additional firewall policy. 

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