Russian Agricultural Enterprise Reaps Benefits after Unifying Branches into Single Nebula Network

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Agricultural enterprise in Penza

Constrained by home routers and unmanaged home switches, this agricultural enterprise needed a single, centralized network connecting every one of its sites. Criteria for vendors and their equipment included ease of configuration and manageability, ability to combine all branches into a single network controlled via a single administration console, anti-virus protection, content filtering, and geolocation. But the real crux was being able to overcome the huge distances between the sites, which included vegetable and livestock farms as well as offices. And that’s why Zyxel’s cloud-based Nebula system was chosen. It allows the centralized and remote configuration of all components as well as provides a convenient way to centrally manage the distributed network – all while offering the most competitive price-performance ratio. Given the large distances involved, the project was scheduled over six months, with 10 staff installing the equipment and three more working from the main office to set it up. With Nebula in place through powerful Zyxel gateways and switches, the customer now has a unified network, centralized configuration, cyberthreat protection, and hyperfast WiFi. Staff are happier and farm operations are more efficient to the point that the customer plans to purchase additional Nebula equipment as it expands.

• Overcome deployment difficulties arising from wide geographical dispersion of farm and office sites
• Unite all sites under a single network for convenient and efficient management
• Supply the central office with high-speed, secure, and reliable WiF

• Provide effective and convenient central network management and deployment to save time and effort
• Better network performance with higher security and speeds
• Reliable and flexible network solution guarantees easy future expansion

Product Used:
NSG50/100/200 Cloud Managed Security Gateway
NSW100-10 Nebula Cloud Managed Switch
GS1920-8HP/48HP/48 Smart Managed PoE Switch

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