GS2210 series's new firmware V4.50 has been released!!

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Hi all,

We have released the new firmware V4.50 for GS2210 series.
You may download Firmware and Release Note from our official website.

Here is the firmware version corresponding to the model name and our enhancement in this firmware release.

Enhanced Features:
  1. VLAN mapping
  2. DHCP Auto configuration
  3. CLV Command
  4. NTP Server supports DNS format
  5. Enhanced dual image resilience 
  6. SHA2
  7. Loop guard enhancement
  8. Show IPv6 socket
  9. Logout all current user access after changing the device management IP
  10. Display port utilization
  11. Use [Ctrl+C] to escape when executing “show running config, show log”
  12. Time sync (NTP) over IPv6
  13. Cable diagnostic MIB
  14. Syslog setup for IPv6 and UDP port
  15. ZDP v1.8.3
  16. Time stamp for save configuration
  17. POE default mode change to consumption mode, and the default config will show consumption mode setting.(POE model only)
  18. Web login warning page
  19. 802.1x EAPOL flooding
  20. IGMP snooping leave-proxy
  21. Custom Default configuration
  22. Smart fan (designed to automatically adjust speed based on device temperature)
  23. Improve the bandwidth control accuracy under lower rate, especially for ISP application
  24. Enhanced GUI with new Zyxel logo
  25. Avoid multicast group cannot be added while mac collision happens