USG40 firmware 4.60 unavailable

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Hello, my firewall usg 40 has version 4.38 (AALA.0).
I want to update to version 4.65. Is it advisable to install 4.60 or can I install 4.63 and then 4.65, directly from 4.38?
Obviously after having done the necessary checks.
Thank you .

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  • PeterUK
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    It should be ok to go to 4.65 backup your config if it gose wrong or at the worse will not boot you can do a reset and load 4.38 slot with your config or after a reset with 4.65 apply your config with Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file.

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    Hi @SoluzioniDigitali

    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    You can update firmware from V4.38 to V4.65 directly.

    To avoid unexpected error occurs, you could backup current startup-config before updating the firmware, just as @PeterUK mentioned that.


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