Automatically assign dynamic public IP to an address-object

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It would be very handy to have a feature with which you can automatically access a dynamic public IP over an address-object. This function by itself should be easy to make since DDNS already uses it for setting DDNS hosts. This can also be used for an address-object in addition to for instance wan, wan1, wan_ppp1 and so on.

Reason: when trying to configure L2TP like in this article, the local policy in the connection needs to be set to the public IP. however, this is not possible when ip passthrough or bridge mode cannot be set in the router. The USG wan-port then has a different and mostly private IP. This might work for iPhone/iOS but with Adroid the connection is not working.
(since my dynamic IP address does not change a lot and the vpn-connection is not vital, i defined an address-oject manually. It just needs manual updating after each IP-change).
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