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USG60W V4.65

This may only happen on USG40/W and USG60/W has not seen it on the Zywall 110

So I was trying (and got working) to setup a wireless printer over different subnets use NAT and routeing SNAT and as I was doing a packet capture for LAN1 on the USG I saw some thing impossible as I was adding the printer from to (a virtual interface) which would NAT to and SNAT from

If you look at the TCP port 80 you can see the SYN from to printer OK but the SYN, ACK from printer to! well thats impossible the printer does not know about and the fact that the SYN, ACK should send back to

So the only conclusion is the USG when receiving packets is doing the routing SNAT and NAT first then a packet capture.

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    Hi @PeterUK

    Could you share your configuration file?
    You can private message configuration file to us.

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