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Testing VOIP access from behind an ATP200 and I get the following error:

Voip Tester failed to make a SIP call.

Check the following:

- External firwall may need to allow the SIP and RTP ports

- Disable router SIP ALG

What do I need to adjust to get this to work?  I've made no known changes to SIP from factory defaults.  This has the latest 5.02 firmware, if that makes any difference.  I checked the ALG section and Enable SIP ALG is NOT checked.

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    Sorry, but I found out that this was a misconfiguration on the VOIP test, not the firewall.  This is resolved.

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    Hi @BMS,

    Can you post a brief network topology with caller, callee, and sip server marked, it would be helpful to understand about call flow.   =)

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