Unable to obtain authentication with WAC6103D-I RADIUS

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Hi !
I'm trying to config WAC6103D-I with RADIUS to verify WiFi user.
It's work fine with another AP, but WAC6103D-I. I have no idea why.
Please help me check my configuration , thanks.

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  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Looks the profile setting on your AP is correct for 802.1X (just like your previous success cases) , so please help us to check the information below:

    1. The server information set on the profile is correct (IP/Port/Secret)
    2. Please make sure AP can access the External Server (you can use the ping from server to AP's IP address, and see if it's success)
    3. Please make sure the AP is added into your RADIUS server's trust client list

    If all above test are correct, but the issue still exists, I think we can further check the authentication process on the server side, and see in which step the authentication process interrupted. (Probably through the packet capture)

    Looking forward to your update, and welcome to send me the files through private message if you have any concern.

    Best Regards,

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  • WanjuYang
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    Hi Richard
    Thanks for your reply. After check ping from RADIUS to AP, I found there is access deny from vlan15 to vlan24. I config other WAC6103d-i which's vlan is access allow , it work normally.
    Thank you very much. 

    Best Regards,