"show mac address-table port" unable to query trunks, confuses interfaces and trunks

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Hi guys,

I observed a problem with both the command line parser and the output of "show mac address-table port".
The switch model is XGS2210-28 on FW 4.50.

On the switch, two trunks are configured:

trunk T1
trunk T2
trunk T1 interface 25
trunk T1 interface 26
trunk T2 interface 27
trunk T2 interface 28

But I can neither query the MAC table entries using "show mac address-table port" on the trunk ports as "T" is not an allowed character for a port:

dsw17# show mac address-table port T1
  show mac address-table port *T1

% Invalid input detected at '*' marker.

Nor can I query from the trunks' physical interfaces, as the MACs are assigned only to the trunks now:

dsw17# show mac address-table port 25-28
  Port      VLAN ID        MAC Address         Type      

However, when I list MACs of e.g. port 1, it does not only list the MACs known on port 1, but also all the MACs on trunk T1, which is quite annoying and makes debugging a mess as my trunks list many hundreds of MACs:

dsw17# show mac address-table port 1
  Port      VLAN ID        MAC Address         Type   
  1         20             xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx   Dynamic  
  T1        30             xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx   Dynamic

This happens for all the ports: "port 2" lists MACs on port 2 and T2, "port 3" those on port 3 and T3, ...

Additionally, when configuring trunks I noticed that the "trunk" command's description of the interface parameter is wrong:

dsw17(config)# trunk ?
    interface                 Set Interface LACP Timeout

A fix for this bug would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
// Veit
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Implement on 4.60 or above firmware


  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    Hi @Veit

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    We have already noticed this problem and planed to fix it on FW V4.60. 
    Thanks! Please look forward it!

  • Zyxel小編 Lucious
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    Hi Guys,

    The latest 4.60 firmware on our XGS4600/XS3800/GS1350 series has fixed the issue, and we plan to release firmware 4.60 for XGS2210 series in next year.

    Stay tuned~