gs1900-8hp poe budget

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I have 4 POE IP cameras (Power consumption 11.5W each - total 46W ) connected to my gs1900-8hp (which has a power budget of 70W). It also connects to 2 other gs1900-8hp switches and the NVR.   So far so good.

But when I connect another IP camera (power consumption 12.95W) it doesnt work unless I provide external power - even though the total power consumption is less that 60W.

I was expecting it to work so am I missing something?


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    I found a note in the user guide which states that the switch must have 16 W remaining to supply an additional PoE device, and before adding a 5th camera I thought I would have 24W but in fact on checking the switch PoE I only have 5.2W remaining.

    But I think I've found the answer - changing the mode from classification to consumption did the trick and I now have 56.7W remaining with 5 cameras connected
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    Nice work!

    We get a lot of this same reports from different users as well.
    But be careful with consumption mode. PoE devices don't always consume the same amount of power at any given time. You may end up with your cameras unexpectedly powering off due to over budget.
    This is why I can't fault the GS1900 for using classification as the default mode as it focuses on stability.

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    Hi @adespade

    I'm glad that you find the answer!
    Thanks for @CrazyTacos sharing his experience.
    Before V2.30, the default PoE mode is Classification mode. 
    However, we received many users' feedback as your question so that we change the PoE mode to Consumption mode from V2.40 to prevent this problem.
    As @CrazyTacos mentioned, please also notice that the power budget when you use Consumption mode.