USG40, UDP behavior with TPLINK Tapo security cameras

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Naturally, this question should be more targeted to TP-LINK, but I ask some information here as well. 

I purchased TP-Link Tapo Security camera in my LAN network. The camera itself is working fine and connections through TP-Link cloud is working ok. When I was looking for my USG40 logs, I can see that Tapo camera is continuously trying to connect Amazon cloud in Ireland with UDP traffic and the answers are blocked. The log file is full of sequences like this:

Sessions from the TP-Link cam to Amazon:
UDP: ->
UDP: ->
UDP: ->

Returning traffic:
UDP: -> my.usg.ip.address:19382
UDP: -> my.usg.ip.address:19382

Don't know really what this traffic is and I don't assume it is any kind of security issue. The IP and port numbers in the returning traffic does not seem to match. I was highlighting the issues in bold. Difficult to believe, Amazon was having issues in their cloud either, so I'm a little empty handed here. 

Any idea from anyone?


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    In my understanding, it could be TP-Link cloud is on AWS, so that there are the session communicate between TP-Link camera and IP address of AWS.
    The camera record the data transmission to TP-Link cloud, so client can monitor image in real-time.
    Since it's the UDP traffic, and the return session was initiated by Server, for exactly internal process, you probably need to check with TP-Link.

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