VLAN configuration between two XGS1250-12

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Hi, Would someone be able to advise if I could achieve this desired configuration with two XGS1250-12 switches ?

I want the switch management web ui to be only available on either port 1 or via devices on management vlan from port 9 trunk port.

Trying to use port 11 as the main trunk between two switches.

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    Hi @y014,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Since I do not know what your desired topology is, so here is my tiny suggestions:
    To achieve your goal, you also need a L3 device to do routing for different VLANs.
    The simplest way of your scenario is that set port 11 to tagged VLANs contain XGS1250 mgmt VLAN, so other devices are able to reach both switches.

    If you would like to seperate mgmt VLAN and data VLAN, you could connect port 1 to another switch, to use the switch aggregates all mgmt switch ports.