UAG4100 - AP Disconnected randomly

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since a few days I got the alert "capwap" "AP Disconnected" "Reason: Idle in JOIN"
So the internet connection is permanently unstable.
2x NWA-5121-N
I`m not the admin, but this problem must be solved quickly.
Our guests are not very happy with this situation.
Any idea?

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    Hi @Ellen


    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    The logs indicated the traffic from AP to controller somehow is not reachable.

    Since the AP by default uses broadcast to find controller, it might be fine if AP and controller are in same subnet. Can you talk more about the interfaces of the AP and controller?

    Apply this command by ssh into AP can check the discovery type and ac-ip:

    Router: show capwap ap info

    Controller only replied the CAPWAP packet when receives from AP. The ac-ip must be the IP of UAG4100.

    If problem still there, please capture the packets of controller at Maintenance > Diagnostics > Packet Capture.

    We’ll check if the traffic is received or not. Thank you